Marvel Wood

Innovating Japanese wood
through MARVEL-ous technology

Marvel Wood ® is a “Cool Japan” product meeting SDGs by using Japan-originated
environment technology and designs on Japanese wood.


Marvel Wood ® is a certified Agriculture-Commerce-Industry Collaboration project in Japan.
Marvel Wood puts SDGs into practice by using GENUINE Japanese wood and technologies,
and TRUELY takes into consideration the global environment for our children.

Three Features


By pressure injecting Marvelʼs environmental-friendly preservatives to sustainable Japanese wood, carbon can be stored within the wood for a long period of time thus protecting the
global environment and meeting SDGs.

High Durabillity

Marvel wood has successfully met the required performance levels through its results from various tests conducted in accordance to JIS standards (JIS K 1571). The preservatives used for injection have been certified as “excellent wood preservatives” by the Japan Wood Protection Association (a non-profit organization)


By pressure injecting Marvelʼs environmental-friendly preservatives to sustainable Japanese Marvel wood is different from conventional metal (copper) or creosote-treated wood in that it highlights the natural textures of Japanese wood beautifully without any unnatural green or dark brown coloring after environment and meeting SDGs.

New Technology information system NETIS KK-100038-A
(By the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure,Transport and Tourism of Japan)
Marvel Wood ®is a certified Agriculture-Commerce-Industry Collaboration project

The Making of Marvel Wood ®

Step 1


Step 2

Wood Processing
Metal Processing

Step 3

Marvel Pressure Injection

  • Preservative
  • Termite Resistant
  • Antifungal

Step 4


Step 5



Since 1998, we have been working on technological development of “Longevity of timber” for effective use of domestic timber and thinned wood.
Our R & D history has been always facing a great challenge how we find the way to the coexistence of two contradictory values, environmental friendliness and durability. And no matter how difficult it is, we have never quit challenging. That is indeed the trajectory of “Marvel Wood Business”.
Despite the resource shortage, Japan must be the global superpower only on forest resources which is about 5 billion cubic meters. And forest improvement is our pressing issue in the environmental aspect of global warming prevention. Now is the time when we have to think
how we should make the most of timbers, especially timbers from forest thinning.
And before everything, we know that we can continue this “Marvel Wood Business” focusing on the theme of “Longevity of timber”, because we are fascinated the very existence of this “Wood” , and have kept on dreaming. They are not only useful for us, but also they give us comfort and peace with their warmth and beauty. And they have lived together with human from ancient times.
We will continue contributing to the world through our innovation of new timber.

Head Office

4-30 Harame-cho, Fukui-shi, Fukui Pref., 910-0825, Japan

TEL:+81-776-53-7715 FAX:+81-776-63-5485

Tokyo Office

#203 Riburi-Marvel, 3-39-8 Miyoshi-cho, Fuchu-shi, Tokyo, 183-0045, Japan

TEL:+81-42-310-9681 FAX:+81-42-310-9682


CEO : Seisuke Ozawa